CX-LD-PF Camp Information and Staff

Tentative Schedule:

Sunday July 16th                                               7:00 p.m. - Registration & Check-in followed by team meeting

Monday July 17th - Thursday July 20th:              Topic Lectures, Research, Mini-Debates, & Fun!

Friday July 21st:                                                 Camp Tournament followed by checkout at 7:00 p.m.

LeadCamp Staff

Travis Dahle - Camp Director

Leo Kallis - Lincoln-Douglas Camp Director

Dr. Kip McKee - Public Forum Director

Luke Cumbee - Policy Debate Camp Director

Mr. Dahle has beenwith the Sioux Falls Washington staff since 2005, during this time,  WHS has had:                                      

39 qualifiers to the National Debate Tournament

4th place at Nationals in Public Forum in 2005, 4th Place at Nationals in Policy in 2012 & 9th Place in 2013, State Champions in Policy in 2007, 2012, & 2015;State Champions in Lincoln-Douglas in 2005, 2009, 2014 & 2017, State Champions in Public Forum in 2005, Overall State Champions in 2005 and numerous State Runner-ups,Semi-Finalists and Quarter-Finalists.  

Mr. Leo Kallis has been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Lincoln-Douglas debate in South Dakota. His success since 2002 in Lincoln-Douglas alone includes:

Multiple National Qualifiers

6 Quarter Finalists at the State Tournament

4 Semi-Finalists at the State Tournament

4 2nd Place Finishes (including one closeout) at State and 2 State Champions

NOTE: This is probably going to be Leo's last year of helping out - so if you miss him this year, you'll miss out on a lifetime of knowledge!

Dr Kip McKee brings a wealth of experience and success to the Public Forum camp at SDDW.

Starting a program at Harrisburg HS, Dr. McKee has qualified at least 1 team to the National Speech & Debate Tournament for the past 6 years, the 2013 State Champions and has qualified teams to the Public Forum Tournament of Champions.

Dr. McKee has also been an instructor at the National Debate Institute in Boston and written background papers for the National Speech and Debate Association

Luke Cumbee, director of debate at Roosevelt High School brings his expertise of both regional and national experience to lead the Policy Debate Camp.

During his time at Roosevelt he has qualified teams to the Tournament of Champions and the NSDA National Debate Tournament, where his team in 2014 placed 2nd in the Nation!

Using his knowledge of statewide as well as regional and national styles, Luke will teach students how to approach debate on a variety of levels to succeed locally and nationally.


Additional Staff to be added based on enrollment. Past staff has included:

Katlyn Powers - 4th & 9th Place Finisher at NSDA Nationals in 2012 & 2013

Jony Ross - 9th Place Finisher at NSDA Nationals in 2013

Zach Pogany - Head Policy Coach at Washington HS - coached teams to 4th & 9th place at NSDA Nationals and twice as Octa-finalists at NCFL Nationals

Ricki Ganci - Assistant Debate Coach at Brookings HS

Kyle Downey - Assistant Debate Coach at Watertown High School - coach of numerous national qualifiers in Lincoln-Douglas Debate



Students who submit their application will be not be considered registered until their deposit has been made. Once the deposit has been submitted, the student will receive a confirmation e-mail verifying their registration.

Age/School Year
Students attending camp must be entering 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade for the 2016-2017 school year. Debate experience will determine lab placement.

Please complete the application on the "Apply Now" tab. Applications are not complete until the $50 non-refundable application fee has been sent. Checks are payable to SDFCA.


This year students will have a choice of either commuting each day OR housing with debaters from the Sioux Falls community. This means students will be staying with debaters from Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, O'Gorman, Harrisburg & Tea.

Cost of Attendance

With the move from SDSU to Washington and housing, we have been able to lower our costs from past years! 

The total cost of attendance for those staying with parents is $350.00. For student who commute, there are two options for you: Option A: Eat lunch and Dinner with students staying with parent - $250 or Option B: Bring your own lunch or go out to eat - $200 . Full payment is due when registering. 

Early Bird Registration Rates
: Accepted applicants who pay in full by June 1st receive the early bird rate of $325 for on-campus students and $225 or $175 (depending on which option you picked) for commuting students.

All students should arrive by 7:30 at Washington High School on Sunday. Registration will be in the commons. There will be a general meeting at 7:30 to go over some rules and expectations and the schedule. Then students will match up with their host students and head off to their location.

If you are commuting a long distance and can't make the meeting, please let me know and we can work something out.

Debate Supplies
Debaters need the following supplies for camp: Pilot G2 Ink Pens (in two different colors), a ream of legal size paper (8.5'' by 14''), and a spiral notebook for lecture notes. Paperless debaters will want their laptop. Additionally, paper debaters may wish to bring expandable folders, tape, highlighters, markers, and a tub for their evidence.

Debaters may wish to bring their own laptop, but they are responsible for its liability. Computer access will be provided throughout the camp if notified when registering

Curfew and Quiet Times
Debaters will be expected to uphold the curfew and quiet times as set forth by their debate leader. Respect for the houses at which you are staying is an absolute must!

The South Dakota Debate Workshop does not award grades or credit.

Debate Partners
Debaters will be randomly assigned a debate partner from another school, unless a mutually exclusive request is made on the application for a specific debate partner. Requests that are not made by both debaters will not be honored.

Debate Divisions
Debaters may only enroll in one of the three available workshops: Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, and Public Forum. If enrollment permits, students will be further divided into learning labs, based on their age and experience in debate.

Financial Aid
Due to the low cost of the camp, financial aid is not available. However, students are highly encouraged to apply for the SDFCA scholarship, which is awarded to two South Dakota debaters every year. Students should inquire with their debate coach about the SDFCA scholarship, as well as other opportunities for funds, such as the PTA or local service clubs such as Rotary, Lions, and Kiwanis.

Personal Property
Debaters assume all responsibility for their personal property. For this reason, we encourage students to only bring the necessary items to camp. Large bills or valuables should be left at home.

Health Services
A health and medical release form must be completed and returned before start day of the workshop. Students who need medical attention will be taken to the necessary medical facilities, but such visits are not covered by the South Dakota Debate Workshop. Students must attach a copy of their health insurance card and return it with the health and medical release form.